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Tutoring adults with Specific Learning Differences

Areas of difficulty for students with dyslexia

Adults and foreign language learning


Strategies for success

Adult dyslexia – advice for employers

Employment Tribunals

Resolving workplace difficulties – issues and strategies

Careers guidance submission


Minimising visual stress

Approaches to remediating visual stress


Briefing on Neurodiverse Clients

The Vulnerability of Adults with Dyslexia/SpLDs in Police Custody

Good Practice Guide for Justice Professionals

Coping with Courts & Tribunals

KIWIs for adults

KIWIs for young people


A series of eight booklets, with the overall title Specific Learning Difficulties in Prisons. These take account of the 2019 prison reforms.
The booklets comprise:
1. Resources for Specific Learning Difficulties
2. Overview of Specific Learning Difficulties
3. Principles of Support for Specific Learning Difficulties
4. Support for English / Literacy and Maths / Numeracy
5. Support for ICT and Virtual Campus
6. Support for Foreign Nationals
7. The Contexts of Disability / Equality / Diversity / Accessibility
8. Work Preparation and Resettlement

Information for Governors and SMTs circulated by the MoJ LDD team.

Promoting an enabling environment in our prisons:
This approach comprises a self-assessment audit sheet to be completed with colleagues.
A powerpoint presentation highlights issues for consideration.

Supporting children and young people

7-point study plan

Dyslexia and self-esteem

Children and foreign language learning

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