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Dyslexia Consultancy Malvern is part of DAN – the Dyslexia Adult Network.
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We are part of the Westminster AchieveAbility Commission (WAC) on Dyslexia and Recruitment which has now produced its final report: Opening Doors to Employment.
Good news: fees are no longer payable to enter a claim and proceed to a hearing in Employment Tribunals and Employment Appeal Tribunals.


Dyslexia Consultancy Malvern advises and supports people with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Attention Deficit Disorder, known collectively as Specific Learning Differences/Difficulties (SpLDs). It also offers consultancy, training and resources for professionals.

Melanie Jameson
I have wide-ranging experience as an SpLD specialist in the spheres of education, the workplace and the justice system.

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Dyslexia Consultancy Malvern works with associates in related areas and can provide referrals to local/national specialists and appropriate organisations.

Dyslexia Consultancy Malvern has created a resource library of information sheets, briefing papers, checklists and documents. Further resources are also recommended.


Checklists are used to screen for various SpLDs. They reflect the contexts of school, higher education and basic literacy.

Where screening indicates the likelihood of an SpLD, assessments can tie down problem areas, identify strengths and make recommendations.

Visual Stress
Visual stress impedes the reading process. Checklists, comprehensive information and appropriate referrals are provided.


2015: The Vulnerability of Adults with Dyslexia/SpLDs in Police Custody briefing notes presented to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Dyslexia/SpLDs on December 1st 2015

Fully revised and updated Coping with Courts & Tribunals
Chapters include police custody, legal aid and sources of advice, bankruptcy proceedings, jury service and alternative approaches to resolving disputes. Always check GOV.UK for the latest official information.

The Good Practice Guide for Justice Professionals highlights the challenges arising out of Specific Learning Difficulties and shows how they can be accommodated.

Melanie meeting Prisons Minister Andrew Selous

2014: Guide for staff working with offenders Releasing Potential
This practical guide will enable staff and management to help this population tackle their difficulties, value their abilities and develop coping strategies – all of which lead to better chances of rehabilitation. The Prisons Minister has accepted a copy; electronic versions have been requested by panel members of the 2015/16 Prison Education (Coates) Review.

Disability Provisions
People with Specific Learning Differences have certain entitlements in work, education and as a consumer. They can be greatly disadvantaged in their dealings with the justice system and need to know about disability provisions and accommodations.

Good Practice
Dyslexia Consultancy Malvern is at the forefront of groundbreaking work across the justice system to promote good practice. Guides are available for justice professionals and for people facing court or tribunal hearings.